MARSOC vs. Special Forces Rap Battle is Hilarious

If you haven’t seen this epic video yet from MBest11X, check it out. MARSOC vs. Special Forces rap battle. CIF! Speaking of CIF gear, what the hell is with the CIF-issued MARPAT Daypacks I keep seeing on sissy kids on campus? Gear adrift, I guess.




  1. They no longer issue the marpat day packs so now that shit is all in army surplus stores

  2. Tell me you are aware that they’re referring to an SF “Commander’s In-extremis Force”, NOT the place where fifty year old ladies yell at you to clean your canteen cup.

    • Yeah, I caught that, it was an aside that I’ve seen a ton of Marpat daypacks around college these days. And I can’t help but want to electrical tape the crap out of all the dangling straps.

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