So you want to join the Marine Corps?

I’ve received numerous emails from you guys asking a plethora of questions. Most common are those who are considering joining the Marine Corps soon or in the next few years. Some of you are excited to be a part of a war. I decided to address all of these issues in this blog post.

First, let’s talk physical fitness. Marine Corps boot camp is the toughest basic training of all the United States Armed Forces. For guys, you’ll be expected to do 3 dead hang pull ups, 45 crunches in two minutes, and run three miles under 28 minutes. Keep in mind these are the minimum standards. If you don’t want to be singled out by your drill instructors on a daily basis, aspire as close to the max as possible. Do 20 dead hang pull ups, 100 crunches in 2 minutes, and run three miles in 18 minutes, and you’ll have a perfect score of 300. This is Sparta.

Next, you’ve got to be disciplined to do the right thing. Every day in boot camp, you’ll be abruptly awakened, and you’ve got to hurry to throw your cammies on, make your rack, and get on line looking perfect. Might as well start now. Make your bed every morning, shave, hygiene, and get moving. Fast.

Research what you’re getting into. Marine Corps Recruit Depots make Marines, and they don’t hold back. Here’s a video to get you started. Use the internet and recruiters to your advantage. If it was easy, anyone could and would do it. But it’s not. You have to earn the title. The few, the proud. Semper Fi.


  1. does the army have professional yellers? i’ve a loud voice and according to my mom when i yell people 3 blocks down can hear my voice. so i think i could yell a lot too if i were told what to yell. 😀 besides i’m sure either these yellers have really strong lungs or they eat lozenges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 🙂

  2. I just have to say I am going to read your book. My son was there at al anbar . no no names here. I finished my book in fact one of the poems is for the Marines. Its peotry but it makes the point. If there is anything I can do to help , I want to read this book, have you got some book sign pr coming up. ok marine ,I am glad your safe. My respect is with you. All marines are treasures, the only thing I s=dont mind paying tax for. love and prayers. cathrine, (caos)

  3. Aisha, it isn’t about yelling. It’s all about taking raw recruits who are in the habit of thinking only about themselves, breaking them down, then building them back up to become Marines. I am not a Marine. I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. All of the services do the same thing, it’s just the Marines do it better and more effectively. The yelling is a way of focusing the recruits on the task at hand, of testing their ability to deal with stress and such. If they can’t handle it now, they won’t be able to handle it when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan.

  4. Morning Staff Sergeant, I am PFC Young in the U.S. Army Reserves who recently graduated basic. I’m currently in the reserves to obtain my bachelor’s degree in which I have 2 years left on and was thinking about joining Army ROTC in order to get commissioned as an officer. My other option is just getting my bachelor’s degree in 2 years and then enlisting into the ranks as a U.S. Marine and maybe becoming a “mustang” one day. I know I’ll lose rank and have to go through boot camp, but this is something I am willing to do because the USMC is in my heart. I have been told that it is a bad idea to just give up everything I already went to in order to join the USMC but I have learned that one should not listen to another person’s advice when it comes to the affairs of the heart. I wish I could of known this sooner, I was wondering if you have any advice for me and I greatly appreciate your time Staff Sergeant.


  5. I can do the 3-mile in 22:30, and 80 situps in two minutes…but I can only do 3 dead hang pull ups. I can score 168 points on the USMC PFT… will the pullups be a problem?

  6. It’s indoctrination, just like religion.


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