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Islamic Militants ISIS-ISIL; a Shit-Storm in Iraq and the Middle East.


The Islamic militants that have been sweeping through Iraq have created an absolute shit-storm. Anyone who served in Iraq over the last decade—especially those of us who have trained, equipped, and fought alongside Iraqi Army or Police—knew that we might see this day. Even in 2006, intelligence about the major insurgent groups pointed to fighting against US and Coalition Forces as a show of strength to other insurgent groups because they knew… Read More

Where Was Hollywood’s Twitter Slacktivism When Boko Haram Killed Before?

Boko Haram leaderAbubakar Shekau broadcasts about missing Nigerian Girls. Associated Press.

Hollywood stars took to Twitter recently to protest the kidnapping of 300 girls by Boko Haram. That’s what I like to call “FEEL GOOD SLACKTIVISM.” Posting your support on Twitter is nothing but a selfish display of outrage. So you can sit back at the bar and tell everyone, “Look at how politically active I am,” and “I really care,” in between sipping expensive drinks and flirting carelessly. Perhaps that’s all… Read More

Kathleen Belew’s “Veterans and White Supremacy” from the New York Times


Kathleen Belew is a Doctoral Candidate at Yale, and she recently wrote a scathing Op-Ed in the New York Times. Entitled “Veterans and White Supremacy,” the article seems to indict the military as a training ground for white supremacist groups. She cites the recent case of Frazier Glen Miller, who shot and killed three people in Overland Park, Kansas on Sunday. She goes on to state that violence among veterans… Read More

Sgt. Maj. Barrett Supports Pay Cuts for Marines


As the Marine Corps transitions to a peacetime force in readiness, it’s understandable that there will be significant changes within its structure, command, and organization. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Sgt. Maj. Barrett, recently testified to congress that pay cuts for Marines would help restore discipline and maintain order within the ranks. I wholeheartedly disagree. I can’t possibly see troops pay and compensation as being a part of the budget… Read More

Dear 2nd Lt. Santangelo, the Marine Corps Promised You a Rose Garden.

US Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Jennifer L. Jones.

Dear 2nd Lt. Santangelo, I recently read your article in the Washington Post about how the Marine Corps failed to train you well enough for the Infantry Officer’s Course, and I have a few thoughts. I’m sure your cadre at IOC told you it’s important to listen to your NCOs, so as a former Sergeant and infantry squad leader, I’m sounding off and you should listen up, ma’am. Your letter was… Read More

“Lone Survivor” film review by an Afghan combat vet who fought Ahmad Shah.


So. I watched Lone Survivor. Steven Boone of called it “Passion of the Christ for US service members.” He’s not far off. My initial impression was a bit foot-in-mouth: the technical details of the film are very good. Dialogue, weaponry, tactics, communication problems, and even the scenery is spot-on. The audio is a dream, it actually sounds like you’re in a firefight. But minus the pressure waves and +40dB… Read More

“Lone Survivor,” Hollywood, and How Navy SEALs Don’t Stand Post.

I mean seriously...who doesn't love hand grenades?

Chances are that you may have seen the trailer for the film Lone Survivor. If not, check it out. I was excited to hear that Marcus Luttrell’s book was being made into a film because I have a very personal connection to Operation Red Wings and, subsequently, Operation Whalers. But I watched thirty seconds of this Hollywood Drama and I almost puked at this line: Shah killed 20 Marines last week.… Read More

The Underwear Body Bomb Problem

There’s a problem with this latest underwear bombing, and it’s not that this poses some sort of significant threat against the people of the United States. Logistically speaking, and I say this in a strictly hypothetical sense as someone who is highly trained in planning and executing military operations: I wouldn’t build a bomb halfway around the world (especially Yemen) and then transport it to its target destination. Any half… Read More

Now, feel free to impersonate war heroes, judge rules.

November 25, 2006

U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn has ruled the Stolen Valor Law unconstitutional. Wait, what? In an unprecedented display of “Freedom of Speech”, the Judge dismissed Rick Strandlof’s charges under the stolen valor law on July 17th. This is insulting. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the case, Mr. Strandlof was a US Marine. Annapolis graduate. Survivor of the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. Three tours in Iraq.… Read More